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beyonce-instagramWhat Beyonce did back in 2013 is an ideal example of the potential possessed by the social media, especially Instagram. On the night of 12th December 2013 she released an album on the Instagram with a formal announcement. Within as less as three days she had sold more than half a million copies while also securing the first spot on Billboard Charts. This showed how ahead Instagram has gone when it comes to marketing, and is no longer just a platform for social media.

The example of Beyonce is just one of the many success stories. Even people who are not celebrities have managed to find unprecedented success using Instagram. These people include retailers, brands, and tech enterprises among others. Companies are now finding an easy reach to their target consumers through the Instagram. By growing their followers they are also multiplying the landscape of their businesses. Many businesses also buy instagram followers to speed up their marketing efforts.

Listed here are 10 ways that will help you do the perfect Instagram marketing.

  1. Showing more influential than pure telling

If you have come up with a new product or service, now is the time to opt for Instagram for marketing it. Show your followers about the service in action or the product in process. Cosmetics companies often put pictures of their catchy lip-gloss, and nail polishes to catch the attention of the consumers. Shoes companies also put their products on show for people to see and get eager to get these. These marketing strategies suggest that a photo will work as thousand words with Instagram.

  1. Come up with a contest on Instagram

If you are looking to get a rise in your Instagram followers then no better way lies than contests. Ask your followers to upload their pics with cool captions and give prizes to the best one. Even the biggest enterprises like Mercedes Benz have done that. The company in association with the most influential five Instagram users drove the contest. The five guys got the chance to drive the Mercedes Benz CLA for five days. The pics uploaded by them on Instagram gathered likes and the one with most likes got to keep the car. You, however, can choose to make impressions with lesser contests as well with appropriate hash tags.

  1. Give the inside stories

Everyone is fascinated with the mysteries that happen behind the scenes. By sharing the more personal stories you will be getting trust of your followers and they will be able to appreciate your products and events with much larger capacity. Companies choose to post live-time pics of their shows, and commercials to get the followers more acquainted with the brand which also establishes the reputation of the product.

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